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Ministers of Reconciliation | Bearing with One Another

I was greatly encouraged last night as I got together with a group of men to eat dinner together and then play some games.  I wasn't encouraged by the meal or the games themselves, but by the manner in which the conversations went during that time.  I got to meet a man who already knew my Uncle and had gone through Mending the Soul with him to deal with past abuse/abandonment.  I have also fortuitously done Mending the Soul with my Uncle recently, and so that laid a foundation even deeper than we had earlier in the conversation that evening while getting to know each other.  In Ricardo I found another kindred spirit.  It did not matter that his past was from another country.  It did not matter that our first languages were of different origin.  This was a man who knows his worth comes not from past failures or triumphs, or even from ones heritage, but from the identity gained through Christ's blood, the seal of the Holy Spirit, and our right standing before the Father.  Prais…

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