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Inward Outward

This is a story told in two acts.

ACT 1: Inward
This past Thursday, I found myself very wrapped up in myself.  My oldest son was trying out for baseball, and an email told us the schedule was from 3:45 to 5:15.  Earlier in the week, at the first day of tryouts, they had gone over by 25 minutes, which really put off my schedule for the rest of the evening's plans.  I want to be a guy who rolls with the punches, but the lack of respect for the families' schedules bothered me.  On Thursday, the same thing was looking to be happening again, so I went to the field to talk with the coach.  He wasn't very keen on talking to me.  I mentioned setting expectation for the parents for the future so we can plan and said I needed to take my son because we had plans that evening, our Redemption Community.  He was not at all apologetic or understanding.  After I got my son, I was pretty upset and stuck in my own little world the entire trip back home.  Even after I got home, it was all I c…

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